Aluminium profiles for virtually all industry sectors

Aluflam Extrusion manufactures aluminium profiles used as components in almost all available end use applications. The company supplies customers from construction industry, automotive industry, transportation, energy and many more. Aluflam's experts help you design optimally-shaped aluminium profiles according to your needs. Highly qualified team of Aluflam Extrusion experts assists you at every stage of product implementation, starting with  the design assistance through production ending up with the supply of the entire order.

Additional serivces


Aluflam’s experts will help you design optimally-shaped aluminium profiles for your needs. Aluflam does not have minimum production limits which is very convenient for companies, designers and inventors introducing a new product to the market.

Surface treatment and machining

Aluflam Extrusion offers the surface treatment: anodizing and coating. We also provide machining of aluminium profiles, as well as assembly and packing.

Regular aluminium profiles

In this section you will find the specification of the most popular aluminium profiles. Please treat it as a point of reference only.

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